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For the birds…

Springtime Fun

I haven’t been to the Volo Auto Museum in quite some time, so we decided to go. The Batmobile was out for reconditioning, but there was still plenty to see.

I’ve been on a split-tone and vignetting kick as far as processing photos goes. Here are a few images I took from our day out. Sorry for the lack of photos of all of the cool cars on display, but I will expand on this post at a later date with more of those.


Michelle’s Birthday Extravaganza

Due to illness, it has taken me some time to update posts on this page. My latest and greatest jaunt with my camera was for my friend Michelle’s birthday. We shot guns, got drunk, went bowling, ate fried beige food, etc. We gave her the best gifts anybody could hope for — a giant stuffed white tiger, a muscle man magazine, a guns and ammo magazine, a birthday card in Spanish, and the greatest gift of all…our undying love and friendship. Enjoy the photos!


Crooked Fingers at Schubas Tavern 11/11/11

This was such an amazing show. I have been a fan of anything involving Eric Bachmann since seeing Archers of Loaf when I was 16 at The Fireside Bowl in Chicago. There were lots of highlights last night, but for personal reasons the one that stood out the most was Eric performing Chumming the Ocean. It was truly touching. Thank you for coming to Chicago and thank you for being so awesome over the years! That goes for the rest of the band, too.

Oh yeah, of course I took photos 🙂


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