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Women’s March On Chicago 1/21/17

I marched, I joined in with a few of the chants, I took photographs, I listened, I understood, people smiled at one another, I enjoyed the clever signs, and I enjoyed being alive surrounded by amazing people. I capped off the march by buying a dozen donuts for some of the City of Chicago’s maintenance crew, then I donated to Planned Parenthood. Be kind and be safe. Above all, let’s stick together.

Women's March on Chicago

Here is a link to my photos from the march: Women’s March Photos by Helen Lysen

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Eric Bachmann Living Room Show, 8-6-16, Chicago, IL

It was an absolute pleasure to listen to this man perform in such an intimate setting. If you are a fan or if you like good music, try to catch one of his living room shows. You will have a wonderful time, I promise.

Below is a link to his upcoming living room shows. He will be adding more soon!

Click here for info





Eric BachmannEric Bachmann Eric Bachmann Eric Bachmann Eric Bachmann Eric Bachmann Eric Bachmann Eric Bachmann

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TypeCon Capitolized

Hello, viewers! I had the privilege to go to Washington DC to photograph “TypeCon Capitolized.” I caught some great moments and had a lovely time with all of the designers, educators and everyone else involved. Here are a few images from the event and here is a link to the rest of the set.



TypeCon_75 (1) TypeCon_34 TypeCon_5_18

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