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Women’s March On Chicago 1/21/17

I marched, I joined in with a few of the chants, I took photographs, I listened, I understood, people smiled at one another, I enjoyed the clever signs, and I enjoyed being alive surrounded by amazing people. I capped off the march by buying a dozen donuts for some of the City of Chicago’s maintenance crew, then I donated to Planned Parenthood. Be kind and be safe. Above all, let’s stick together.

Women's March on Chicago

Here is a link to my photos from the march: Women’s March Photos by Helen Lysen

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Trump Protest in Chicago

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Ha Ha Tonka / Cory Chisel / Murder by Death at Metro Chicago

I had the pleasure to attend the final show of Murder by Death’s tour, which was also their cello player’s (Sarah Balliet) birthday. Here are some photos from the show. Enjoy!

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Band of Horses at Metro Chicago

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a while and just wanted to share a moment with all of you from the Band of Horses show at the Metro in Chicago. Enjoy!


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